History of casino appearance and development

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At the moment, anyone can go to the online casino site, such as https://bet-boom.com and start gambling, but it was not always so. Gambling establishments in ancient times were a luxury only for the nobility.  Who invented the casino is not known, because even the circus could be considered a gambling establishment, where people came to give money for entertainment. The history of casinos as prototypes of gambling houses began in ancient China. There are also references to the fact that gambling houses began to function in ancient times in Egypt. The oldest casino left from ancient times is Domina Coral Bay.

In ancient times, for the rich people formed a whole lot of cultural gambling. The circus wasn’t like a place we were used to with clowns and jugglers. It was a public place where visitors went to try their luck and attention while playing dice. There were also monetary disputes in the Circus. Eastern states also introduced dice games in separate buildings under the living rooms. It is believed that the history of casinos (in its modern form) has its origins in Italy. It is this country has become the founder of the tradition of meeting in a cozy home environment for a game of cards. But during such meetings there were no dealers or other components of the casino.

Italian casinos

Poor people couldn’t get into the very first gambling houses. But gradually this service reached the common people. Italian ordinary houses became a meeting of players, but not by such strict rules. The elite gathered in their close circle. Years later, summer residences began to be built for such events. This is what gave the name to the casino, which in Italian means small house. Italian residents, who were not among the elite and did not have much income, had fun in taverns or arranged their casinos in the open air. But the constant wandering through the streets was inconvenient, so special separate places for games began to open.

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The opening of official casinos

The first casino in the world is the Ridotto building, located in Venice. This institution, having the status of gambling, was opened in 1638 with the support of the authorities. The official casino would have helped to control the turnover. Ridotto was located in the Moses Church building and was considered to be the first institution that was allowed only by a strict dress code. In order to limit the number of players, higher betting limits were introduced, which could only be afforded by the aristocracy. In the mid-18th century, the casino was closed for two hundred years to resume its work.

Due to the fact that the rich citizens are not many, and the gaming business brings income, the owners of the casino decided to expand its borders, attracting more and more players. This has led to the mass emergence of more accessible facilities, accessible even to the middle class or the poor.

Casinos in Europe

The history of casino development continued its march through Europe, as gambling began to attract most of the rich Europeans. The first French casino appeared on the official basis in 1765. In the 19th century, European casinos were in their prime. To achieve the comfort of visitors they created luxurious buildings with expensive interior and top level service. The player’s coziness and his safety were in the first place. Visitors with high status and making especially large bets could play in separate rooms. Casino – a center of social life, allowing you to play and communicate, hold business meetings, solve political disputes and problems.
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