Mathematical slot outweigh, dispersion and volatility

Best casino slots in 2022 USA

To understand the essence of gambling, it is necessary to consider the mathematical principles on which the slot machines work. Therefore, we advise you to take this material seriously. NetEnt and Microgaming are now the market leaders in the casino software industry. And there is a good reason for that. The average RTP of their slot machines is significantly higher than that of other companies. For the first two of its values will rarely be below 96%, and for others – 94% is quite an acceptable figure.

What is RTP

For those of you who don’t know, we’ll do it again. RTP (return to player) is a measure of a player’s chance to win when playing long distance slot machines. In simple terms, this indicator is called the percentage of return or return. Basically, you may find the following wording: the expected return (RTP) is 95%. And if you translate it into a more transparent offer: the advantage of a gambling club is 5%. Both ideas have the same meaning, but they serve it the other way round. In the first formulation, it is assumed that playing a lot of spins the player will get 95% of the return from all their own bets. And the second one says that the institution will add 5% to its profit from each of your bets.

Let’s now consider an example. At a long distance for each unit in the currency (no matter if it is hryvnia, euro or dollars), the slot will give you back 0.95. You bet 1 euro each time – you will get 95 cents, everything is clear. If things were as trivial as in the example above, then we would not talk about gambling with risks, but about paying for each rotation of the amount of 5% of the bet. That’s why the indicator RTP indicated by the manufacturer comes to its ideal value only at a great distance, a length of hundreds of thousands and millions of spins of drums. And in the process it constantly fluctuates – then lower, then higher. When, for example, you win 1.9 USD in a dollar bet, you take not only your conditional mathematical return, but also what the other player claimed (0.95 + 0.95).

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Simply put, the casino will still get its own 5 coins from each played on the slots of the dollar. It happens that the casino happens to be stunning wins and the institution temporarily falls into the minus, but in the long run, everything becomes in its place. Play on machines with a high rate of return (RTP). If you rethink the above, it is easy to understand that the game should prefer only those slots that have a high value of RTP. To do this, pay attention to Top High Roller Casinos.

Even slot machines with 95% are suitable for the game. But if you have fun on the machines with a value of 96-98%, you will get a better chance to win. But the machines with the value of RTP 90% and lower is not even worth your attention. They will simply devour your bets in return for nothing.

It is also important to understand that the conditional slot machine with the highest percentage of return will not always bring the winnings. Another important component of slot mathematics – dispersion. Low-dispersion slot machines with a 97% return rate will usually pay low prizes, but every couple of spins. A highly dispersive slot with RTP 94% some periods will absorb your bets, but then thank you for your patience very generously.

What is the volatility or dispersion of the slot machine

Volatility or dispersion – terms with the same meaning. They both show the risk of playing on a particular slot. The dispersion of the game directly determines how big the risks are associated with it. If the machine has a high dispersion – it involves a high risk, and if it is low – the risks are significantly reduced. Therefore, not all providers of gaming software publish data on the volatility indicators.