Three or five slots in the machine – which is more profitable?

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If we consider the history of the development of gaming machines, it will be clearly seen that over time, three-slot machines were replaced by five-slot machines. Naturally colorful design, good picture quality, excellent musical accompaniment, as well as the ability to multiply bets, make slot machines with five slots much more convenient for the client, but is it really beneficial for the user to play on such machines? To get a legitimate answer to such an intriguing question, you should definitely read the material below.

The question of choosing a specific slot machine is primarily of interest to those people who decide to play casino online. In traditional institutions, finding a three-slot device will be much more difficult, if at all possible. Naturally, if you have any specific preferences for the old types of machines, then you will certainly find a lot of different variations in the Internet versions.

Which machine has more profitable interest payments?

If you carefully studied the structure of one-armed bandits, then you know that the activity of such devices entirely depends on the random number generator and its associated settings. On average, the percentage is considered excellent when for every 100 dollars invested you return 95-98. Of course, this is not the full amount, but you enjoy the game, and there is always a chance to raise the Jackpot.

In total, if you look at what percentage of payments five- and three-slot models have, it turns out that, in reality, the value will be the same. In fact, it doesn’t matter how many slots will be, their number is regulated only by the requirements of convenience and no more, because the amount of money won is completely and completely controlled by electronics. Subjectively, it may seem that the probability of winning with three reels is higher than with five, but these are only personal feelings and no more.

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The frequency of occurrence of cash combinations

As we have already noted, the entire process of the gaming machine is regulated by the settings of the electronics. And yet, judging by the frequency of the occurrence of cash combinations, it is higher for machines with five slots. This effect is easy to explain. If out of five elements you have 3 identical ones, then money is issued. Plus, if the word “Wild” was added to the desired combination, then your winnings are multiplied. Slot machines with five slots often give out money, but little by little, and with three slots less often, but more. As a result, the total amount is the same, but the pleasure of playing from 5 slots is greater.

Maximum bid

Based on the principle: the more single elements – the lower the probability of their coincidence, devices with five slots are better suited for playing at maximum rates. Many online casinos also support the practice of minimum deposits, when they put on the probability of a winning line almost at one tenth of a cent. As a result, in a similar way, you can bet on a couple of dozen lines, which will certainly increase the chances of luck, but your spending will increase proportionally, so miracles do not happen.

Summing up, we can safely notice that the probability of winning in machines with five slots or with three is the same. However, devices with five reels are more convenient, it is more interesting to play them, and the level of excitement during the process will be much higher. But in any case, you should choose those machines that you will play more convenient and enjoyable. You can also play Texas Holdem live if you enjoy it. Online casino is a great opportunity to relax and get distracted, so every year more and more players around the world enjoy the game.