ESports betting

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Bookmakers have started betting on e-sports recently. Modern games are progressing at a very high speed. Following this, interest in them grows and a multimillion-dollar audience is formed. Types of e-sports betting are very popular now. And not only to the young generation! To get some practice you can bet online at pin up.

How to choose bookmaker for eSports betting

For comfortable betting on e-sports, you need to check the bookmaker for several parameters, namely:

  • Is there a live mode, as many unique bets appear in eSports bets after the match has started. It is worth considering that it is during the game that it becomes more clear how the confrontation will end;
  • whether there is a mobile version or application. This is necessary for quick betting in case you need to block an unsuccessful bet in order to get a plus;
  • what are the specific features of the office. For example, does it return when disconnected from the server due to unpredictable circumstances;
  • whether BC has high coefficients. What are the limits and margins, are payment system options suitable, etc.

Popular eSports Strategies

  1. Live bets are a promising betting strategy. In serious tournaments, the skill of each of the gamers is at a very high level. Nevertheless, the decisive role in the confrontation is provided by the choice of cards and characters whose individual characteristics affect the outcome of the match. In live, the risk of incorrectly assessing the chances is significantly lower than before the start of the match. Since important information regarding the parameters of cards and characters is already known.
  2. Currency bets (with overestimated odds) can often be found on the market in bookmakers. This is due to the fact that eSports betting is a relatively new discipline in which there are not enough analysts with a high level of skill. Therefore, for this you need to thoroughly and for a long time to analyze all the events. You need to know firsthand what eSports is. Constantly monitor new lines and quickly respond to overvalued quotes.
  3. Betting forks are often found betting on eSports events, unlike classic sports. Forks are formed due to the fact that different analysts can not come to a common opinion and differently interpret the level of skill of the players. Do not forget that bookmakers do not like forklifts and may impose penalties for them, up to ban accounts.

ESports betting analytics

When analyzing, you need to understand that an individual game is very different from a team. 

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  1. It is also worth considering the innovations inside the computer game, practiced by development companies, which can lead to a change in the result of the match. For example, in Starcraft, developers can change the parameters of the map, make new locations and types of weapons. Due to such additions, old strategies and tactics may not work as efficiently, and forecasts without taking into account changes can lead to losing bets.
  2. The same team can play completely differently depending on the map. This parameter is one of the key in e-sports, because teams have both favorite and unloved types of cards.
  3. The composition of the team may change over time, and this can certainly affect its effectiveness for better or worse.
  4. Pay attention to the age of the players. Studies show that gamers over thirty have lower productivity, accuracy and reaction rate. In dynamic games, this can be a very important factor for making a profitable bet.
  5. If a team game, in addition to assessing the individual skill of the players, it is important to look at their coherence, because this is a key point to achieve a positive result.
  6. Ratings of teams and individual e-sportsmen can be found on the Internet. This data allows you to determine whether the team is in the up or down phase and whether the risk is justified.